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Scientific Theories

Established or cautious?

There can be two cautious theories about the same events. For example, some people say that an asteroid from space killed the dinosaurs. Other people say that they were wiped out by supervolcanoes. These cautious theories are in competition. In the end, only one can win and become an established scientific theory.

An established scientific theory provides the best possible match between human ideas and human observations of the world so far.

Activity The theory that all substances are made of invisible atoms is an established scientific theory.  Brainstorm a list of reasons why it is an established scientific theory.
What about these three theories about what killed off the dinosoaurs?

  • Asteroid impact theory
  • Supervolcano theory
  • Asteroid-and-volcanoes-together theory

None of the theories is established. Some scientists strongly prefer one or other of the theories. Other scientists have no preference.

How could ONE of the theories become an established scientific theory?

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