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Test yourself

How sky literate are you?

Have you ever seen...

...The Milky Way?
...a meteor (or ‘shooting star’)?
...a lunar eclipse?
...a constellation, such as Orion?
...a planet or the Moon through a telescope?
Give yourself 1 point for each YES answer.
(Be honest. Nobody else need know your score.)

Do you know...

...what time of day is the only time of day for seeing a New Moon? to find the pole star in the sky? big a meteor is compared with a real star? close a meteor is compared with a real star?
...the difference between the Solar System and the Universe?
...what happens to the stars in the daytime?
Give yourself 1 point for each question you think you know the answer to. Again, be honest.

  • How did you score? >>

    • 9-11 You’re a STAR! (Or not very honest)
      7-8 The sky is no limit for you.
      5-6 Not quite in orbit yet.
      3-4 Stuck on the ground.

Space science goes global

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