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Scientific Theories

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Photo: NASA - Centre of V838 Monocerotis Light Echo.

Big Bang Theory

We can learn a surprising amount from the light of stars.

From these and other observations of the light of stars, most scientists now believe that the Universe started when space and matter expanded rapidly from a single point. This is known as the Big Bang theory. The static you hear or see when you untune your radio and TV is the remnants of the heat from the Big Bang now radiating as microwaves which we see or hear on a TV as static.

What do religious organisations think about Big Bang theory?

Question: But what happened before the big bang? What caused the big bang?

There are different theories about how the big bang was started, but they have not yet been supported with any physical evidence.

When a theory is put forward without any evidence, is it still science? Or is it a type of "faith"?

What evidence is there for the big bang theory, other than the cosmic microwave background radiation?

Do you think a “creator” started the universe? If so, what evidence can you give?

Theories? Only the best

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Is Big Bang theory a cautious scientific theory or an established scientific theory?
Could the theory be shown to be WRONG? If so, how?