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How much does it cost to go into space?

Launching satellites: Do you ever ...

Home satellite tv dishwatch Sky TV? Or make international phone calls? Satellites help us to send information around the world in all sorts of ways.
Communications satellites 

Fish and chipseat fish? Satellites let us watch the Earth from above. We can use them to make maps, to look for disasters like forest fires, to check which crops are healthy and which are not, and to look for signs of fish in the sea. Earth observation satellites

London buscatch a bus? Satellite navigation or ‘Satnav’ systems can help to tell you when the next bus will come along. Navigation satellites

It costs about $1000 million to launch  a satellite and there have been at least 5,000 launches since the 1950s. Currently there are around 600 orbiting the Earth.

 What else could we spend $600,000 million on?


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NOT RATED flabalabalu 20-05-10 08:40
We have started to learn a bit from this website but we still dont know what fish and chips have to do with it!
NOT RATED flab flab 20-09-10 13:21
dont get what fish and chips have to do with it.
vicky 20-09-10 13:22
very helpfull