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Should we build more hospitals and launch fewer satellites?

It costs about $500million to build a big new hospital. You can get two hospitals for the price of one satellite launch.


The Big Decision

Now you need to start making decisions. Here is the question for you to think about:

Question: Money comes from taxes. Should money be spent on more satellites, more events like the Olympic Games, or more hospitals? Or should these projects share the money?

How do I decide?

My Vote

After doing the activities you should be ready to make an informed vote. Which would you spend the money on? Tick ONE box.
Two new hospitals
One TV satellite
One environmental monitoring satellite
Both hospitals and satellites are needed for modern life

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What's your opinion?

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NOT RATED starry moon 05-12-11 13:58
this site is cool I think satellites should stay in space because we can laern so much from them and it is really interesting learning about them. The site helped me with my school science APP test. I would reccomend the site to someone who is doing a space topic.
joseph 20-03-12 10:25
great place to get a idear about space !?
NOT RATED anonymous chicken 20-03-12 10:26
tru dat
NOT RATED buuny hopper 20-03-12 10:29
this site is really interesting and very useful for all work, homework and generally finding out information about space