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Costs of big projects

The Channel Tunnel, 50 km long: $10,000 million
Heathrow Airport, London, Terminal 5: $4200 million
Wembley Stadium, London: $1500 million
Olympic Games, London, 2012 (estimated): $3300 million
The Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff: $160 million
The Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh: $800 million
UK National Health Service computer system: $22,000 million
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, building costs: $400 million
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, annual running costs: $500 million
Building cost of a new secondary school for 1000 students: $60 million
New civic centre, health centre, library and shopping area, East Kilbride, $700 million
Sky TV satellite launch: $1000 million
Earth environment monitoring satellite launch to look for evidence of climate change: $1000 million
The Cassini-Huygens mission: $3260 million


  • Make a graphic display of this information.
  • Discuss: How can you decide what makes one project more important than another?
  • Survey: Carry out a survey, asking people which of the projects they think are most important.
  • What about your own views? List the projects in order of your view of their importance.
  • Make a list of the projects in order of your view of their value for money.


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