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Deep Thoughts

Loss of belief?

If we lose religious belief, do we lose moral guidance?

The activity below concerns questions on which different people have different views. To help you to think about them it's a good idea to discuss them. You could also look at the ethics toolkit.

Activity Sketch down your first thoughts about each question. Then discuss them in a small group or the whole class.

  • If there were no God watching over us, would it matter how we behave?
  • If there is no reason why we are here, does it matter how we behave?
  • Is it OK to behave however we want, whether or not there is a God?
  • If we are just small living things on one small planet, does that affect how we behave?
  • Does it make a difference if we are each a special feature of the Universe, loved individually by God?
  • Should people follow religions because it provides guidance on behaviour, whether or not the religion provides truth about the Universe?
  • Should people follow religions because it is their family tradition, community tradition, or national tradition?
  • Are scientific observations meaningless because we are not capable of making reliable observations with our senses?
  • Is faith a greater guide to truth than observation?
  • Do we need religion so that we can live together in mutual respect and peace?
  • Does scientific knowledge of the Universe help us to live together in mutual respect and peace?

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