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Deep thoughts

Voager II spacecraft.
Photo: NASA
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Deep space

Science tells us that the Earth is not the centre of the Universe. There are many other planets.

Science tells us that the Universe is very large. Voyager 2 is a spacecraft that was launched in 1977. It is still sending weak radio signals back to the Earth, from far beyond the furthest planet of the Solar System. It is travelling away from us and the Sun at 60 000 kilometres per hour. At that speed, it will be at the distance of the nearest star in about 75 000 years time. It will take a few hundred million years to escape from our Galaxy. There are billions of galaxies like ours. The Universe is BIG.

Activity  Be creative

Go to this site on astronomical distances:

Use the data to make an artwork to show the scale of the Universe. Your artwork should show how big the Universe is compared with distances of everyday life. Be creative.

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