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Astrological predictions

Popular astrology tries to predict future life events.

Astrology is big business – worth a lot of money because a lot of people take it seriously. Newspapers even pay astrologers for their predictions about people’s lives. Very often, the predictions are vague and general:

This week you will meet someone who means a lot to you.

It sounds exciting.  It’s almost certain to come true. You might meet your Mum, for example, at some point in the week.

Sometimes the predictions are more specific, and more testable:

On Wednesday, you will win some money.

That’s more like a scientific prediction, because it can be tested.

Astrology tries to predict. It’s just that it's not always very good at it.

Activity: Collect some newspaper astrology predictions. They have names like:
“Your life in the stars”

  • Highlight the general predictions that are likely to come true,
  • Highlight the specific predictions that can be tested.

Over the following week, see if the predictions come true.

Testing a prediction by making observations is an experiment. Write a scientific paper about your experiment and send it to us using the Contact us button opposite. We will display the best. In your paper you should have:

  • Title
  • Your name and school
  • Abstract – a short outline of your work
  • Introduction - why you are setting up the
  • Methods – what observations you made, and how
  • Results - an analysis of what you discovered
  • Conclusion – what you believe the experiment tells you
  • References – any previous research or books that you consulted

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