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Non-renewable energy

Fossil Fuels

The fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas, and products made from them, are a crucial part of our every day lives. They are responsible for enabling everything from transport and electricity, to providing chemicals for plastics, fertilisers and medicines.

They currently supply 80% of world energy (source). As such we are currently completely dependent upon them.

We have a problem...

  • We are dependent upon fossil fuels for energy,
  • but we also now know that burning fossil fuels is causing Climate Change.
  • For oil and gas there is growing demand for a limited supply.
  • However, if we were to stop using these fuels overnight, the world as we know it would stop functioning.
  • Finding replacements will take many years, or even decades.

So, a key question is: Can we use fossil fuels in less, or non-polluting ways while we find alternatives?

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Power station ooling towers

Power station cooling towers.
All of this steam is just to remove waste heat. Waste heat is wasted energy. Click on the picture to find out how it could be reused instead of disappearing up the chimney.