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Non-renewable energy

Fossil Fuels: Natural Gas

  • Gas is the least polluting of the fossil fuels, producing almost half of the CO2 when compared to coal.
  • It is also the source of many chemicals including fertilisers and pesticides for farming.

While gas is less polluting than coal or oil, it is also not without problems. Like oil, the supply is limited and much of the remaining reserves are in Russia and OPEC countries. Many politicians fear that this restricted supply may cause problems in the future. Those who have all the gas may use it to put political pressure on those who don't.

38% of the UK's electricity comes from burning gas. For many years the UK has had it's own supply from the North Sea, but this is almost gone and may run out by 2010/11 (source). Increasingly the UK is becoming dependent upon imported gas in order to keep the lights on.

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