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Renewable energy

The sun, powered by fusion
Nuclear fusion
Wind turbine
Wind power
Ocean waves
Water power
Solar panels
Solar power

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Wooden logs
Hot water geysers

Fuel pumps
transport fuels

Solar hot water on the roof.
Micro generation

Things to think about

  • A lot of renewable energy technology is very new
    Forms of renewable energy have been around for centuries as windmills and water wheels, so some of the  principles involved are not new. But much of the renewable energy technology you hear about in the media has only been around a few years. Some is being invented right now, such as fusion power. And some is still to come, such as advances in nanotechnology and artificial photosynthesis.
    Non-renewable sources have been developed and refined over several decades. Thus when you compare renewable energy to non-renewable, you are not comparing like with like.
  • Renewable energy technologies are evolving very fast.
    New designs are rapidly and dramatically altering their efficiency and cost. This can radically change the comparisons when deciding which are the best options.

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