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Non-renewable energy

Nuclear Fission - Disadvantages

Costs of nuclear power

When nuclear power was first introduced in the 1950's, it was widely expected to produce limitless energy so cheap it that the cost would be negligible. In practice, nuclear power has turned out to be far more expensive than was originally planned. When nuclear power stations were first built, the cost estimates did not include:

  • the removal, treatment and storage of nuclear waste
  • safely closing down old power stations once they reach the end of their useful lives.
  • cleaning up any toxic or radioactive wastes from land where such power stations have been sited.

Even now there is still considerable debate as to what the actual costs are.

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    Uranium Ore

    In June 2007, Energy Watch, an independent group of energy scientists reported to the German Government. They claimed that supplies of Uranium ore are not keeping up with current demands. This predict that this situation will get worse and the that this could have a huge impact on the cost of nuclear power. More info