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Political demonstration

UK citizens have a right to express their political views by attending peaceful demonstrations.

In March 2003, over a million people took to the streets of central London to stop the Iraq War. This was the largest demonstration in the country's history. Huge peace demonstrations like this took place in cities everywhere.


But the War proved unstoppable. A year later, a fresh round of peace demonstrations around the world marked the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.   Read more. 


You've been spotted!

Imagine you have attended a political demonstration disapproved of by your employer (or parent, or school). A journalist gets access to mobile phone records. When these are published in a daily newspaper, your employer or form tutor spots your name.

Question: What consequences might follow if sensitive personal information becomes public? How can a journalist access phone network call records? Could this be prevented?

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Protestors wave banners

Another protest, the Make Poverty History rally of 2005, Edinburgh.

Scientists have their say

See the Union of Concerned Scientists' website for information on current protests that scientists are involved in.