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Who's watching: CCTV

Nobody knows how many CCTV cameras there are in the UK, but it has been estimated as over 4 million, or 1 camera for every 14 people. They are everywhere, in our streets, in shops and now even flying overhead. But are they a vital tool to prevent crime, or a slow invasion of our private lives?

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Some argue that CCTV is a vital tool for solving crime, but equally others who think that it ineffective and not worth the loss of privacy.

What sort of cameras are there and where are they?

While it is possible to show examples of how CCTV has solved a few high profile crimes, it has not made much difference to overall crime figures. In 2008, CCTV only helped solve 3% of street robberies in London. source

If CCTV hasn't substantially reduced crime, do we really need it? According to  this article, if cameras really did reduce crime, then UK cities would be safest on Earth, yet UK crime is not dramatically lower than in other countries.

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