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Robots in transport

Would you want a robot to drive your car?

Most road deaths are caused by people making mistakes. And poor driving can cause higher CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change. Cars driven by robots could make transport safer, cleaner and quicker. But would drivers want them?

Some of the latest cars could be said to be part robot already, automatically sensing the appropriate speed to travel at and stopping you getting too close to the car in front. But car manufacturers are looking to go further. They could reduce traffic jams by having cars use GPS (Global Positioning System) signals to tell other cars where they are. These signals could be used to make cars slow down, reducing traffic jams further ahead. Or one day they could plan new routes so your automatically piloted car could take another route if a road is closed.

However, this same technology could also be used to track the driver’s movements. Would this be an invasion of privacy?

And the experience of being 'a driver' would be completely different. Would a car become just a way to get from place to place? Would that matter?

Is it better to have a robot controlled car that is safer, though boring to be in, or a less safe car that is more fun? Why do you give the answer you give?

Text equivalent:

Respect for the autonomy of individuals:

Should car makers respect those who want more control over their vehicles, even if this may be less safe? What if that choice affects the safety of other people on the road?

Watch this video of a real experimental robot car in action.
Then find out more about driverless cars and how difficult they are to make.

Photo: Advanced Transport Systems Ltd.

Watch this: Driverless transport 'pods' at Heathrow Airport. 


Would you want a robot to drive your car?
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Asscotte 24-02-09 19:51
Meh, i couldnt be less bothered apart from the fact that the system would eventually be destroyed one way or another