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Robots at home

Some people think household robots could get rid of all the boring cleaning jobs. But could they also be an excuse to neglect the most vulnerable?

In several parts of the world, particularly in rich countries, people are living much longer and the birth rate is falling. While this seems like a good thing, it also means that there are more elderly people who need company and looking after. And there are fewer young people of working age paying taxes to pay for that care or able to not work in order to look after elderly relatives.

In Singapore and Japan, scientists are looking to build domestic robots that could act as carers for the elderly.  Watch this video to find out more.

Activity: Imaging you are old and live alone. Would you mind being looked after by a robot? What if there was nobody else who could look after you?

If you can, ask your grandparents how they would feel living with robot carer. Do you think they might feel neglected and want human company? Or might they value the independence a robot could offer?


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Wakamaru is a domestic robot from Japan, designed to provide company for elderly people living on their own.

A real life Roomba vacuum cleaner robot is hunted! Photo ©Eirik Newth