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Are you a good scientist?

be safeScientists consider many issues as they approach a project or experiment and need to plot a route that avoids pressures such as

  • cutting costs,
  • publishing results before they have been tested for reliability,No fabrication
  • borrowing from others' work without taking the time to properly acknowledge it and
  • producing the results the funders hope for.

No plagiarismThink about your own practice for a minute - if your results in a class practical look wrong, do you ask to come in during the lunch break to repeat the experiment? Or simply 'borrow' someone else's?


The Institute of Physics has produced a teaching resource to act as a stimulus for teaching about science. It consists of a poster and a questionnaire for use with pupils which highlight safe and ethical approaches to scientific work.

They are available here.

  What is evidence?

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Well, what do you think - are you a good scientist?