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Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear bombs use the force that holds the nucleus of an atom together. They use the energy released when the particles of the nucleus are; a) Split apart (nuclear fission) or b) Fused together (nuclear fusion). Nuclear Fission is used in an Atom Bomb and Nuclear Fusion is used in a Hydrogen Bomb.

The explosion of a nuclear bomb can have particularly devastating effects in terms of immediate casualties and longer term health effects. 

Since Nuclear Weapons were first developed in the 1940’s strong views have been expressed by supporters and opponents.
Look at the debatabase website below to see some of the arguments for and against the abolition of nuclear weapons.


Having read some of the arguments for and against, do you think that Nuclear weapons should be abolished?

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NOT RATED luke 29-04-08 13:27
NOT RATED Ken 27-02-09 18:19
Why would we get rid on nuclear weapons?! we need them to keep other countries in line. Whom ever believes we should abolish nuclear bombs is a ******** end of story.
NOT RATED paul 02-07-09 13:26
NOT RATED Paul Fisher 03-07-09 09:23
I am a Boffin and agree to this. I love Science.
NOT RATED Patrick (The Mushroom) Nurse 03-07-09 09:28
Hi there.

I am a student at a local secondary school; in accordance to my habbitat. I believe that we should not persue are recommendation of nuclear weapons.

I believe this because i think that everyone in the world should be nice to each other and get along.

With the upmost Regards,
Patrick (The Mushroom) Nurse.
NOT RATED Matt Hewitt 22-07-09 09:29
In my honest opinion i have to say i [really enjoyed it].

I just couldn't get enough of it!! I totally agree and think that nuclear weapons should be banned, and we should share the love.
NOT RATED Dan Buck 22-07-09 09:31
Hi Paul. I didn't know you attended this site on a regular occurance??

I totally agree that we should be kind to everyone in the world, and like Matt says share the love.

I just can't wait for year 11 science.
NOT RATED pooly 21-10-09 12:37
hay there and welcome to dictionary challange todays word is science great!
NOT RATED No comment 01-07-13 10:16
Hey North Korea. Can you please stop producing nuclear bomb.
NOT RATED 26-01-15 21:20
[...Comment awaiting moderator's approval...]

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Text equivalent:

Do no harm

Nuclear weapons are created by physicists. This activity results in items solely designed to kill and destroy. Can this be justified?
Text equivalent:

Control of technology

Nuclear weapons are so dangerous that there are many International Agreements in place designed to prevent any more countries obtaining the technology needed to make them.
Text equivalent:

Ethical code for scientists

All scientists should perform their work ethically. There are codes of conduct to give guidance in ethical matters. What would such codes say about weapons research?
Text equivalent:

Current & future generations

If there were ever to be a sustained nuclear conflict, both the short AND the long term consequences would be horrific. The effects would be felt by many generations to come.





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