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Adapt faster to changing climate, Europe warned

"Cities around Europe may have to erect flood defences similar to the Thames Barrier as tidal surges become more likely"

Category: Climate Change


Virgin's SpaceShipTwo makes test flight as space tourism moves one step closer

"Virgin Galactic craft did not break out of atmosphere but ignited its engine for 16 seconds before gliding to a safe landing"

Category: Space


Sewer fat to be used as energy for electricity plant – video

"Waste oil and fat from restaurants and takeaways will be used to power a new electricity plant in east London. Currently, excess fat and oil collects in sewers, forming masses called 'fatbergs', which have to be flushed out by...


Man or machine? The age of the robot blurs sci-fi and cutting-edge science

"From Marvel's Ultron to Obama's brain mapping project, science and fiction are breaking the barriers between man and machine"

Category: Robotics


Why is Reuters puzzled by global warming's acceleration?

"'Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown,' said Reuters. But warming is speeding up, and scientists can explain it"

Category: Climate Change

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