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Meteorite crater reveals future of a globally warmed world

"Lake sediments recorded the climate of the Arctic during the last period when CO2 levels were as high as today"

Category: Climate Change


Radioactive materials lost in more than 30 incidents over past decade

"Health and safety watchdog admits firms and hospitals have mislaid dangerous substances that could be used by terrorists"

Category: Radiation, Weapons


Britain signs up to world's hottest nuclear physics project

"Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (Fair) will study elements that exist fleetingly on the surface of exploding stars"

Category: Big Science


RoboBee: tiny robotic ‘insect’ flight

"A tiny robotic 'insect', the size of a penny, demonstrates its controlled flight abilities."

Category: Robotics, Weapons


Is 3D printing about to hit the mainstream?

"The technology for 3D printing is moving fast. One day every home may have one"

Category: Robotics, Weapons

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