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Device to see through walls is hostage aid

"A device that allows police to see through walls could transform the way they deal with hostage situations, according to the Cambridge-based technology company that developed it."

Category: Radiation


Cheap nano knowhow cleans arsenic from water

"Contaminated water that causes illness and fatal poisoning among millions of people worldwide has been made safe to drink using tiny particles created by nanotechnologists "


Introducing humans version 2.0

"The half-human, half-robot cyborg has long been a vision nurtured by science fiction writers and futurologists. But how close are we to humans version 2.0, computer-enhanced people?"

Category: Robotics


Exoskeleton update

"Five years ago, New Scientist covered plans by the Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, to build a robotic exoskeleton that would let GIs run faster, leap further and carry more." The product is now in its testing phase.

Category: Weapons


What are the chances of aliens sniffing us out?

"Beaming signals into space to find ET could potentially be risky for Earth and its inhabitants. So researchers are developing a Richter-like scale to assess the chance that extraterrestrials could detect – and potentially react...

Category: Space

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