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Study hints at tumour link to mobiles

"Long-term use of mobile phones could be linked to brain tumours, a new study by scientists suggests. People who have used a mobile for 10 years or more seem to have a 39% higher risk of developing a type of tumour called a...

Category: Radiation


Scrap GMT to cut emissions and accidents, says study

"Britain should abandon Greenwich mean time and align its watches with central Europe, according to researchers who claim the switch would trim greenhouse gas emissions and reduce road accidents."


EU stumbles on the low-carbon road

"Environmentalists have expressed grave concern that the European Commission could be about to drop plans to ensure that new cars produce a quarter less carbon dioxide by 2012."

Category: Climate Change


Climate 'to affect nuclear sites'

"Rising sea-levels, increased wave height and increased storm surge height must all be considered in the planning of the UK's future nuclear stations."


China test sparks space arms fears

"It has been described by some arms control experts as the beginning of a new arms race in space, pitting China against the United States."

Category: Weapons

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