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Government loses nuclear power case

"Environmental campaigners today won a high court ruling which will force the government to rethink its decision to back the building of new nuclear power stations."


Confusion over 'data snooping' laws

"Balancing the needs of the police to investigate crimes online with the privacy of individual web users has become controversial as governments seek to extend their snooping rights in cyberspace."

Category: Communications


Virgin boss offers $25m reward to save Earth

"Sir Richard Branson today offered a $25m (£12.8m) prize for scientists who find a way to help save the planet from the effects of climate change."

Category: Climate Change


Junk from China missile test raises fear of satellite collision

"· Space debris at critical mass, scientists say · Explosion put hundreds more pieces in orbit "

Category: Space


Cancer risk from sunbeds soars

"· 80% of devices exceed EU safety limits, says study · Charities call for better regulation of industry "

Category: Radiation

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