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Tar sands exploitation would mean game over for climate, warns leading scientist

"Prof James Hansen rebukes oil firms and Canadian government over stance on exploiting fossil fuel, which he says would make climate problem unsolvable"


Is computing speed set to make a quantum leap?

"Quantum mechanics research could hold the key to a new generation of super-fast computers"

Category: Communications


Challenge, don't worship, the chiefs and high priestesses of science

"If we don't recognise the politics of science, we will just get played by those who do"


Obama's Arctic strategy sets off a climate time bomb

"US National Strategy for the Arctic Region prioritises corporate 'economic opportunities' at the expense of everyone else"


Zombie climate sceptic theories survive only in newspapers and on TV

"Study finds overwhelming scientific consensus that humans have caused global warming, but media still hasn't caught up"

Category: Climate Change

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