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Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'

It could be one of the most ambitious computer projects ever conceived.

Category: Big Science


Flash new space tools to monitor lightning

Cameras to detect lightning on Earth are to be placed high up in space by the US and Europe this decade.

Category: Big Science, Space


LHC researchers 'set to create a mini-Big Bang'

"Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are getting set to create the Big Bang on a miniature scale."

Category: Big Science


'Fractal' mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot dies

Story on Benoit Mandelbrot, who discovered Fractals. "The concept enabled scientists to measure previously immeasurable objects, including the coastline of the British Isles, the geometry of a lung or a cauliflower."

Category: Big Science


Dark matter hunt eyes deeper home

"Scientists are looking to relocate an underground experiment searching for dark matter to an even deeper site."

Category: Space, Big Science

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