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Animal invisibility cloak makes cat and fish vanish

"Chinese scientists demonstrate new light-bending technology that could have applications in telecommunications"

Category: Big Science


Higgs boson was just a start for Cern's atom smasher – other mysteries await

"The Large Hadron Collider will shut down for an overhaul in preparation for exploring questions of dark matter, extra dimensions and other universes"

Category: Big Science


Challenge, don't worship, the chiefs and high priestesses of science

"If we don't recognise the politics of science, we will just get played by those who do"


Britain signs up to world's hottest nuclear physics project

"Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (Fair) will study elements that exist fleetingly on the surface of exploding stars"

Category: Big Science


Science is enforced humility

"The fundamental strength of science is that it compels its practitioners to confront their own fallibility"

Category: Big Science

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