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What to prioritise: climate, biodiversity, deforestation or.... human populations?

"The question is this: how should society prioritise the world''s various environmental woes?" While most of the attention these days seems to be going towards climate change, what is driving nearly all of the various...


Road particles pose 'higher risk'

Children may be at greater risk from the microscopic particles in traffic pollution than was previously thought.

Category: Public Health


Texting disease away

A mobile phone based health project is helping the Peruvian military to keep disease at bay.


One 20-year-old a day diagnosed with dangerous skin cancer

One young woman in her 20s is being diagnosed with the most serious form of skin cancer almost every day, Britain's largest cancer charity warns today. Cancer Research UK says malignant melanoma, which can be fatal, is on the...

Category: Public Health


Radiation: Another Manchester professor falls ill

"The rooms in Manchester University's Rutherford building, used at the start of the 20th century by Ernest Rutherford for nuclear experiments, as well as the rooms directly below them, are proving desperately unlucky places....

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