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Scientists unveil world's first bionic fingers

"Experts have unveiled what they claim are the world's first bionic fingers which they hope will transform the lives of people with missing digits."


Tiny chip could diagnose disease

"Researchers have demonstrated a tiny chip based on silicon that could be used to diagnose dozens of diseases." Relies on capilliary action to work

Category: Medical Physics


Robots 'to revolutionise surgery'

"Within ten years some doctors and scientists are predicting that all surgery could be scarless. They say by using the natural orifices of the body and the body's own natural scar the belly-button (or umbilicus), it will be...


Imaging & Science: Does brain training really work?

Putting brain training "evidence" to scruitiny.


Patient helps pioneer CyberKnife

"A man from Jersey has become one of the first people in the UK to undergo an advanced form of radiotherapy to treat an inoperable cancer."

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