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Quest for the connectome: scientists investigate ways of mapping the brain

"Researchers have a goal so ambitious it is almost unthinkable - learning how all 85bn neurons in the human brain are wired up"

Category: Medical Physics


Eye implants restore 'useful sight' to two blind patients

"Doctors, led by Kings College and Oxford surgeons, restore rudimentary monochrome vision to trial patients"

Category: Medical Physics


Is nanotechnology going to send us all to hell?

"Transhumanism and eternal life are on no serious scientists' agendas, but there may still be real moral concerns around nanotech"


Drugs lose effectiveness in space

Astronauts on long space missions may not be able to take paracetamol to treat a headache or antibiotics to fight infection, a study has found.


Chip implant developed to help the paralysed exercise

A tiny, implantable chip that delivers electrical impulses to aid in exercising paralysed limbs has been unveiled by scientists.

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