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Supermarkets failing to reduce packaging

Supermarkets are falling behind local high street retailers and markets in reducing packaging waste, a survey has found.

Category: Recycling


Government backs down over plastic bags

The agency in charge of government marketing announced today that it would stop buying plastic bags for use in promotional campaigns.

Category: Recycling


Carbon myths

"Recycling and banning plastic bags are all very well, but they won't save the planet. Instead, we should fly less, go vegan and insulate the loft, says Chris Goodall"


The mechanics of e-waste recycling

"The latest addition to the portfolio of laws designed to cut the amount of rubbish we bury in the ground has finally come into force in the UK."


New e-waste recycling laws begin

"A much-delayed law that makes British producers and importers of electronic goods responsible for the recycling of their products has come into force."

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