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Challenge, don't worship, the chiefs and high priestesses of science

"If we don't recognise the politics of science, we will just get played by those who do"


Sunlight-powered 'bulbs' made from plastic bottles light up homes

"The Liter of Light project, launched to combat the rising cost of electricity in the Philippines, aims to provide 1 million homes with light"


Renewed energy for renewable energy

A new wave of activists is gearing up to combat the millions the US Chamber of Commerce invests in boosting fossil fuels


Sony Ericsson unveils 'green' handsets that cut carbon footprint by 15%

Recycled plastics and reductions in packaging and manufacturing solvents make handsets more environmentally friendly, says mobile phone maker


Tesco tells shoppers: too much packaging? Leave it with us

Tesco is to encourage customers to discard unwanted and excessive packaging near the tills.

Category: Recycling

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