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Car that drives itself gets closer to reality

"Cars that can stay in a motorway lane without the help of a human driver are being developed by researchers at North Carolina State University."

Category: Transport, Robotics


Robot trainer benefits stroke patients - study

"Intensive therapy using a robot has helped patients improve arm movement years after having a stroke, according to a US study."


New glasses allow blind soldier to 'see' with his tongue

"A soldier blinded in battle has become the first member of the armed forces to test a special pair of glasses which allow him to 'see' using his tongue."


Can battlefield robots take the place of soldiers?

"Can war be fought by lots of well-behaved machines, making it "safer for humans"? That is the seductive vision, and hope, of those manufacturing and researching the future of military robotics."

Category: Weapons, Robotics


Scientists unveil world's first bionic fingers

"Experts have unveiled what they claim are the world's first bionic fingers which they hope will transform the lives of people with missing digits."

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