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Nasa's Curiosity rover sends first colour panorama from Mars

"Panorama of landing site on Gale Crater reveals dark grey dunes and first views of rover's target – foothills of Mount Sharp"

Category: Space, Robotics


What can the Mars rover tell us about climate change on Earth?

"Nasa's new rover will hunt for signs of martian climate change, and in doing so will shed light on what's going on back home"


Drone to probe Sellafield silos

"'Hexacopter' being developed to map the inside of radioactive silos as part of the decommissioning and cleaning process "


Alan Turing: the short, brilliant life and tragic death of an enigma

"Codebreaker and mathematician Alan Turing's legacy comes to life in a Science Museum exhibition"


Mind-controlled robotic arm - video

"Researchers have reached a milestone in 'mind control' by creating a robot arm that can be controlled by a brain implant. A woman paralysed for the past 15 years has learned to use the system to serve herself...

Category: Robotics

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