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The secret history of drones

"The prototype of the drones now used in Afghanistan was actually conceived in 1916, even if it was a monoplane made of wood and tin"

Category: Robotics, Weapons


WWF plans to use drones to protect wildlife

"The green group says by the end of the year it will have deployed 'eyes in the sky' in one country in Africa or Asia"

Category: Robotics


Ecology drones track endangered wildlife

Unmanned aerial vehicles are being put to use to monitor wildlife, spot poachers, and chart forest loss

Category: Robotics, Weapons


Grinders: the cult of the man machine

"The people who are making cyborgs a thing of the present"

Category: Robotics


Could exoskeletons help disabled people to be more active?

"New advances in 'Iron Man'-style suits could one day transform the lives of wheelchair users. And that might only be the start …"

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