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Challenge, don't worship, the chiefs and high priestesses of science

"If we don't recognise the politics of science, we will just get played by those who do"


RoboBee: tiny robotic ‘insect’ flight

"A tiny robotic 'insect', the size of a penny, demonstrates its controlled flight abilities."

Category: Robotics, Weapons


Is 3D printing about to hit the mainstream?

"The technology for 3D printing is moving fast. One day every home may have one"

Category: Robotics, Weapons


Man or machine? The age of the robot blurs sci-fi and cutting-edge science

"From Marvel's Ultron to Obama's brain mapping project, science and fiction are breaking the barriers between man and machine"

Category: Robotics


The race to create 'insect cyborgs'

"Why make tiny flying drones when you can fly real insects by remote-control? It could lead to a neuroscience revolution, explains Emily Anthes in an excerpt from her new book Frankenstein's Cat"

Category: Robotics, Weapons

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