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Sabre rocket engine could open up access to space as never before

"A £60m pledge from the UK government puts Reaction Engines' Sabre rocket on course to change space exploration forever"

Category: Space


UK astronomers plan to join search for alien intelligence

"A network of radio telescopes across the country would listen for the alien equivalent of Hancock's Half Hour"

Category: Space


Mars had an oxygen-rich atmosphere four billion years ago

"The oxygen was either produced by life forms or by a chemical reaction in the atmosphere of Mars"

Category: Space


Nasa selects four women to join ranks of new astronauts

"US space agency recruits four women among its eight new candidates, the highest percentage yet selected"

Category: Space


Spacewatch: Will Nasa bag an asteroid?

"The most eye-catching feature of Nasa's proposed budget for 2014 is the inclusion of a future unmanned mission to capture a small asteroid and drag it into a stable orbit within the Earth-Moon system where it may be visited by...

Category: Space

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