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Alien finding institute Seti runs out of cash to operate telescope

Organisation's brand new $50m array put in hibernation, reducing chances of finding elusive extraterrestrial signal

Category: Communications, Space


Nanowire processor signals route to ever-smaller chips

Engineers have developed a computer chip made of tiny "nanowires" whose computing functions can be changed by applying small electric currents.

Category: Communications


Stereo satellites move either side of Sun

Two US spacecraft have moved either side of the Sun to establish observing positions that should return remarkable new information about our star

Category: Communications, Space


Mobile phone to blast into orbit

British engineers are planning to put a mobile phone in space.

Category: Communications, Space


Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences, report warns

OECD study also says state-supported cyberwar will become more common alongside conventional attacks

Category: Communications, Weapons

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