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Iran has made first batch of higher-grade uranium, president says

"Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims Iran is now a 'nuclear state' but insists there is no intention to build nuclear weapons"

Category: Weapons, Energy sources


Can battlefield robots take the place of soldiers?

"Can war be fought by lots of well-behaved machines, making it "safer for humans"? That is the seductive vision, and hope, of those manufacturing and researching the future of military robotics."

Category: Weapons, Robotics


Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination

"• Greater rates of cancer and birth defects near sites • Depleted uranium among poisons revealed in report"

Category: Weapons


International nuclear bank - helping world peace?

A revival of an old plan to stockpile uranium in visible places, hopes to reassures nations hoping to develop nuclear power that they don't have to create their own. It is hoped that this will ease the desire to create uranium...

Category: Energy sources, Weapons


Japan survivor of both atomic bombs dies, aged 93

"The only person officially recognised as having survived both atomic bombings in Japan at the end of World War II has died from stomach cancer, aged 93."

Category: Radiation, Weapons

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