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Sellafield: 'It was all contaminated: milk, chickens, the golf course'

"Six decades after Britain's worst nuclear accident, an oral history of Sellafield reveals what it felt like to live near the plant. John Vidal reports"


Global accord on nuclear safety needed urgently - World Energy Council

"A year on from Fukushima disaster, council says safety in nuclear industry should be a 'collaborative, not competitive issue'"


Taiwan presses ahead with home-built nuclear power plant despite safety fears

"Nation dogged by serious concerns over storage of radioactive waste being stored at existing power plants"


Plans for Sellafield plutonium reactor rejected

"Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sees technology as immature and commercially unproven, internal emails reveal"


MoD reveals 15 radioactive UK sites

"Current and former air and naval bases have been contaminated by second world war hardware, but the risks are unclear"

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