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How not to solve nuclear power's trust problem

"Continued secrecy, shown in stupidly brief minutes of official meetings, and entrenched attitudes lead to daft ideas like community-owned reactors"


Nuclear waste-burning reactor moves a step closer to reality

"Feasibility study shows GE-Hitachi's proposed Prism fast reactor could offer a solution to the UK's plutonium waste stockpile"


X-rays reveal secrets of Roman coins

"New technique could dramatically speed up assessing the significance of archaeological finds"

Category: Radiation


Record number of radioactive particles found on beaches near Sellafield

"Seven beaches contained 383 particles found in 2020-11, while Sellafield insists health risks are 'very low'"


Protests in Japan as nuclear power plant reopens

"Ohi reactor is first to go back online since Fukushima nuclear disaster"

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