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Iraq's depleted uranium clean-up to cost $30m as contamination spreads

"Report says toxic waste is being spread by scrap metal dealers, and describes its 'alarming' use in civilian areas during Iraq wars"


Report calls for huge expansion of experimental nuclear plants

"Development of new technology would move UK away from fossil fuels and generate two-thirds of power by 2050"


Nuclear expansion plan thwarted after Cumbria no vote to underground store

"Ministers accept need for credible solution to waste storage as Ed Davey resumes mission to site £12bn waste repository"


Lake District park authority 'concerned' over radioactive waste burial

"Widespread concern emerges over proposed nuclear burial plan's effect on long-term interests of West Cumbria"


Nuclear power turns to developing world as west recoils from Fukushima

"As the mood in Japan, Germany, Italy and even France hardens, China is restarting a £170bn reactor programme and India is looking to atomic power to shore up its creaking grid"

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