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Creating friction

Brakes and tyres work by creating friction. Anything that reduces that friction such as worn brake pads or bald tyres will increase the vehicle's stopping distance.

Also drivers and cycle riders need to take extra care in bad weather such as ice and rain. Sometimes the road surface itself can be worn or uneven.

Report a worn or broken road

Protecting what belongs to eveyoneText equivalent: Protecting those things that belong to all of us.
Most councils now allow you to report potholes and other road damage online.If you see a pothole or broken drain cover make the effort to report it. First you need to find your local council website, it is usually in the form '' e.g. and then look for links to Road Maintenance or Highway Services - they may be under Transport. There should be some king of reporting form or 'contact us' link.

Activity: Keeping your vehicle in good condition

Overhaul your or a friend's bicycle. Check for cracks and bald patches on the tyres. Are they pumped up enough? Are the brake blocks worn away? What about places where you don't want friction? Oil the axles, chain, gears and cables.

Case study: A city transport system

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