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Floods could 'overwhelm Thames Barrier by end of century'

"Sea-level rises could send storm floods over the barrier if nothing is done to bolster the UK's flood defences"

Category: Climate Change


Record 400ppm CO2 milestone 'feels like we're moving into another era'

"Ralph Keeling, son of renowned climate scientist Charles David Keeling, reflects on the meaning of carbon emissions reaching record atmospheric levels last week"

Category: Climate Change


One-third of animal species will be hit by climate change, scientists warn

Plant and animal species could see dramatic losses as habitats become unsuitable and ecosystems collapse

Category: Climate Change


Climate change 'will make hundreds of millions homeless'

"Carbon dioxide levels indicate rise in temperatures that could lead agriculture to fail on entire continents"

Category: Climate Change


Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level

"For the first time in human history, the concentration of climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has passed the milestone level of 400 parts per million (ppm). The last time so much greenhouse gas was in the air was...

Category: Climate Change

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