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Animal invisibility cloak makes cat and fish vanish

"Chinese scientists demonstrate new light-bending technology that could have applications in telecommunications"

Category: Big Science


Bionic eye promises vision for the blind

"World-leading technology that could help restore vision to a large number of Australia's 45,000 blind people is set to emerge from a Melbourne university."

Category: Medical Physics


Nuclear states developing new weapons in defiance of treaty, report claims

"All five legally recognised nuclear states 'appear determined to retain nuclear arsenals indefinitely', says Stockholm institute"

Category: Weapons


Higgs boson was just a start for Cern's atom smasher – other mysteries await

"The Large Hadron Collider will shut down for an overhaul in preparation for exploring questions of dark matter, extra dimensions and other universes"

Category: Big Science


Spacewatch: Will Nasa bag an asteroid?

"The most eye-catching feature of Nasa's proposed budget for 2014 is the inclusion of a future unmanned mission to capture a small asteroid and drag it into a stable orbit within the Earth-Moon system where it may be visited by...

Category: Space

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