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Brain scans 'can distinguish memories', say scientists

"Scientists say they have been able to tell which past event a person is recalling using a brain scan."

Category: Medical Physics


Tiny ear listens to hidden worlds

"A micro-ear could soon help scientists eavesdrop on tiny events just like microscopes make them visible."

Category: Medical Physics


Imaging: Think tennis for yes, home for no. Help for man in vegetative state

Medical Imaging: "For seven years the man lay in a hospital bed, showing no signs of consciousness... ...Until now... ...To the astonishment of his ­medical team, the patient has been able to ­communicate with the outside world...

Category: Medical Physics


Medical physics: 'I had 30 doses to my brain'

An article on new methods of radiotherapy for brain tumours


Welsh 'super-needle' to aid pin-hole surgery training

"Virtual 3D patients could be used to train staff in pin-hole surgery, thanks to work at Bangor University."

Category: Medical Physics

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